Baby Neckerchief Knitting Pattern

Before my lovable little niece came into the world, I had no idea about the endless possibilities of the knitting world! But simply browsing Pinterest, I found a huge hole in functional baby fashion. Babies drool. A lot. So, instead of my sister changing her daughter’s romper more than twice a day, I experimented until I found a perfect accessory.


You can use any size needles you want (within reason), but the more delicate bibs look nicer. For these, I used  4mm needles and a level 3 gauge yarn. My favorite is Caron, Simply Soft. You’ll need to know how to increase using the knit into front and back of stitch method (instructions here), how to knit and how to purl.

Row 1: Cast on 3 stitches, leaving a long tail.
Row 2: Knit the first two stitches into the front and back, this will increase. Knit the third normally.
Row 3: Purl the whole row.
Row 4: Knit the first stitch into the front and back to increase. Knit normally to the 2nd last stitch and knit into the front and back again. Knit the last stitch normally.
Row 5: Purl the whole row.


Repeat this method (knitting first and second last stitch front and back, to increase both sides), until you reached a little less than the desired length. Now, we will create the ribbing on the neckline (can be done in garter stitch if you like).

Row 1 of ribbing: When you reach the end of a purl row, flip your work over to the right side. Now, cast on 10 stitches (depending on neck size).

Row 2 (Wrong/Purl Side): Knit 1, purl 1, knit 1, purl 1, for the rest of the way along. Make note of whether you ended on a knit or purl.

Row 3: Now, cast on 10 stitches (again, depending on neck size). Now count back and make sure you start knitting or purling on the right stitch. You want to knit the knits and purl the purls. If you ended on a knit and casted on ten stitches, you should start your new row with a knit.

Row 4: Knit the knits and purl the purls until this is 3/4 an inch thick.


Cast off neatly, and sew in all loose ends. Sew in a popper or velcro to fasten. If you know how, you can also sew a button into the thinner strap, and make a button hole in the thicker one while you are knitting. It is a little crumpled up after a day of playing! You can also sew terry cloth into the back to make them more absorbent but this isn’t completely necessary if you’re lazy like me!


Doesn’t it look darling? I may have gone overboard and made them in every color of yarn I own. They are so quick to make! Here is a picture of Finley wearing one. Isn’t she just the cutest thing?

photo (1)


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