Season Nostalgia: Awaiting Autumn

In the middle of each season I find myself longing for the next, and people berate me for it. “Don’t wish it away, you’ll miss it soon enough” – yes, I always do. But I love it the nostalgia! Looking forward to the next season while missing the last is one of my favorite things. Right now, I am desperate for cooler weather. (As you get to know me, you’ll find that I live in skirts, tights and boots)! I love fall, the colors, cooler weather, rain. Another wonderful thing about Boise in the fall is that there is so much to do!

In the Summer, I adore to spend afternoons in the outdoor pool. Nothing changes as the weather starts to turn. I simply head up to Idaho City! The Hot Springs facility out there is truly luxury. My first time there, I was imagining a hole in the ground, very natural pool – my sister even scared me and mentioned that the water was “only a little murky and there are only a few water spiders skating over the top”! I was not amused. That is until I arrived at the hot springs, where I decided that it is city-girl approved!


The facilities are really great for the price of entry. You get a locker, towel and showers with organic products ready to use. Not to mention a hairdryer, hairspray and floor length mirrors. As you walk outside, you will notice two pools. There is a large pool (as pictured above), that is naturally heated for the cooler months and cooled for the heat of the Summer. There is also a hot tub, sauna and massage service. I love this place!


Oh, that’s right. I forgot the most important part! It is nestled in the mountains, with beautiful views the whole drive up. There are times where it is open just for families (they have floaties!) and even times just for adults for a more relaxing experience. They offer a rather extensive food and drink list, brought to the side of the pool.

Who else is looking forward to hot spring season? I know I am!


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