Being an International Student at Boise State University


Being an International Student anywhere is hard, regardless of language. It’s the culture that you have to watch out for. I am a Brit which meant going to Boise State University was a huge adjustment for me. The good news: Boise State has a great way of handling International Students, and they make you feel at home! This post will highlight all the different aspects of being a foreigner at BSU and why that is such a fantastic thing!

When you arrive at Boise State, you go to an orientation. This is usually a few days where you learn all about BSU, the rules and customs to expect. The funny part is – you even get a booklet called ‘Getting Along With Americans’ – as though they are really hard to get along with! For the most part, it is easy. However (as with any culture) there are some people who aren’t as tolerant of other cultures and customs. This may be a little annoying (I got a lot of backlash from some people when I said some words differently), but is okay. Some people at BSU have never really met anyone that isn’t from around here! You just have to learn to take it with a pinch of salt and they’ll eventually get used to your ways – if they don’t, they aren’t worth hanging out with!

My dormmate and I got along great, but there was definitely some cultural differences! Sometimes she would talk in a British accent for fun – I learned not to take it badly, but to laugh because it was funny! Of course she wasn’t mocking me, she just sounded hilarious talking in an English accent! Speaking of dorm differences, we had a very similar style of decorating. We discussed color themes before we moved in, and planned on who would bring a fridge/microwave etc. Don’t feel like you have to bring them, but it is always worth talking to your roommate before you move in to decide. Here is a quick look inside my Freshman year dorm room:

1236443_10152466276426758_1900096734_n 1000236_10152466276526758_783547438_n 1004936_10152466276206758_1328806440_n

Moving into the dorms and meeting all new people can be a little stressful, but try and be as friendly as possible and you’re bound to make tons of forever-friends!

As the year wore on, I found that I loved campus even as the weather started to get cold. You need to be prepared to walk to class while it’s snowing, and walk home in the sun in October-time. I definitely underestimated the weather’s decisiveness in my first year here. People are great about dressing up the bronco outside Riverfront Hall even when it was snowing!


If you are from somewhere that doesn’t get too cold, it can definitely be a shock the first time it snows. But once you get used to it, you’ll find that Boise is the best place to be when it does! The possibilities for fun are endless, with multiple ski resorts close by, ice skating rinks, and even just relaxing walks along the greenbelt (it is a requirement in my book to be all bundled up in scarves and hats!).


Of course, as with any different country, the food will be different. Once you get used to the change, you’ll learn to love the food here in Boise. There is a wide array of food choices in the BRC (Boise Rock Cafe, meal plans available!), and at various restaurants in the area. (Stay tuned here, I will be writing reviews and posts about different places around Boise). There are two main food types you’ll stumble across – Pizza places and Burger joints!


This particular burger joint – Big Jud’s, has a brilliant challenge involving a 1lb burger, basket of fries and a large soda. If you aren’t into gorging yourself on fast food challenges, they have a lot of other food options too.

10511273_10153035697161758_5283159928152146058_n (1)

As the weather starts to warm up, there is even more fun to be had around Idaho! The culture here involves lots of camping, beaching and some ‘fun’ hiking excursions. (Notice the inverted commas around the word ‘fun’. I am a city girl. Hiking is definitely not in my vocabulary).

I promise you – if you come to Boise State as an international student, you will have an absolute blast. This has been the best two years! If you have any questions about the process of moving in, coming over or any other general questions about being an international student, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help!


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