Unique scarf or tie storage for a tiny closet!

As a lover of pinterest storage hacks, I have tried almost everything to try to store my scarves. I used to have a drawer full, but as the saying goes ‘out of sight, out of mind’, and I would design my outfits around one of three scarves that hung on my door hooks. Then there was the hanger era (really infuriating for someone with almost thirty scarves), this method takes up at least three hangers and a lot of valuable closet space.

Finally, after months of irritation, I came up with the simplest solution, and it looks pretty neat too.


If you have an old curtain rod that you aren’t using (or buy a new one – they’re fairly cheap in Bed Bath and Beyond with a 50% coupon! You can find their coupons here), take out the thinner half and apply the balls to both end of the thicker rod. Screw the brackets into the wall, and you have a sturdy scarf holder!


Are you ready for my favorite part? This method takes up no space in your closet! As it uses only the space from the back wall, you are able to pull your clothes in front of it without it cutting into their space or messing up your ironing job (because I totally spend time ironing my clothes, I am definitely that organized…).


Okay, as you can see from the sleeve of my favorite cardigan, I definitely don’t spend much time ironing my clothes (terrible attempt at sarcasm translation: I spend absolutely no time ironing). And my closet is never that spacious. But this is about scarves okay? Let’s not focus on my disorganized self.

Moving on.

Having my scarves organized is a great way to be able to select the right one easily to wear with any outfit! Weather permitting of course, I would be crazy to wear a scarf in Boise right now – the high this week was 100! Another great way to make your bedroom a little more put together – match your scarf rod with your curtain rods! I did this unintentionally and brings an odd sense of symmetry!

As always, comment with any questions!


2 thoughts on “Unique scarf or tie storage for a tiny closet!

  1. I have many a clothes problem just like yourself!!!! Good tips with the hanging rail, although I have noticed you have spelt colour as ‘color’ now what do you think mrs pudderz would have thought of that? Hahaha 😉 xx


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