Simenc Mini Series: Urban Farm


This is the Simenc family. Aren’t they just the most picturesque family you’ve ever seen? Well, they are to me. That’s my oldest sister on the right, my niece in the middle and my brother in law on the left. The Simenc family have an Urban Farm! (Just in case you didn’t pick this up from the title. I tend to state the obvious a little. A lot).

They live in a house that is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, positivelywonderfulboise approved! So many DIY projects I resent myself for not photographing. Sigh.


Alongside their five chickens, cat, and dog, they have a great vegetable garden! In varying sections of the yard, they grow herbs, perfect to pick for my Syrup Sunday post. (Said with an ‘h’ at the beginning America, that is HERB, not ‘erb’!). How do they have time for all of that, with an almost-eight month old almost-crawling around the house? Well, that I can’t tell you. But I know that very occasionally they get by with the expert help of myself, of course!

This will be slightly different to a regular blog post. Each post for the next few days, I will be posting a new piece on urban farms!

Part 1.  This post – Intro to Simenc Family and Boise Hipster Farming community
Part 2.  Chicken Coop, DIY!
Part 3.  Garden boxes, DIY!
Part 4.  Management and upkeep of an Urban Farm! Interview with Tabbi Simenc


I am super excited to share the life of this wonderful family with you! As always, comment with any relevant questions!


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