Gone from the blog for a while…

Hello everyone!

Before I started this blog, I never truly appreciated just how important it is to own a functioning computer. Of course, a fully operating computer is handy for browsing Facebook and doing schoolwork. However, I realized after spending a ton of time in the library this semester, that I don’t really need my own computer to do schoolwork. That’s what libraries are for – duh!

Within my first week back to Boise State for Fall semester, my laptop took its final breaths before leaving me completely computer-less – which unfortunately left me without any means to keep up with my blog.  Although I finally have a functioning computer (yay!) I have yet to compile a schedule of blog posts. If you have any ideas or suggestions, as always I am happy to hear them and get back to you as soon as I can.

On that note, I will be adding another section to my blog. You’ll be seeing less cleaning, cooking, and DIY tips and tutorials, but I promise you’ll like what you find. Stay tuned in the new year to find out more!

Happy Holidays!



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