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Welcome to my blog!

I am so happy to be hosting you here today in Boise, Idaho. I know – Idaho? Yes, Idaho! It isn’t all rural fields and farmland, though, which you’ll learn all about in a moment.

As a Brit born in Germany with military parents, you can imagine how much I moved around (Not only house to house – sometimes country to country). When asked a question so simple for many, it takes a good five minutes to answer. Here is a typical conversation. Are you ready for it?

“Where do you come from?” Usually a sentence will do. For me?

“Oh, I’m British! So technically I come from England. But, I was born in Germany and lived there for most of my life. Although, I feel like Boise is my home because I came here for every year of my childhood and now I live here…”. I trail off and either get a series of keen inquiries, or an awkward grimace (too involved for small talk, eh?)

Now, I tend to just reply ‘England’.

Travel from wherever we were stationed at the time to Boise once or twice a year made a wonderful holiday feel like a trip home. Each year when we came ‘home’ to Boise, we had a choice of two very seasonal holidays. In the wintertime, we were greeted by lots of snow, skiing and skating, while in the Summer we met boats, beaching and backpacking! (This is apparently where I found my love for alliteration!).

There is nothing better than the turn of every season in Boise. All four are so perfectly characteristic that it almost feels like a movie. I never appreciated this up until I moved here, (despite trying!) seeing only Summer or Winter (school holidays allowing us to travel). One year, I lived in Medicine Hat, Canada with my Mom and Dad. Mom and I geared up for a trip to Boise for a long weekend getaway to visit my sisters and experience Boise in the Fall. Of course, this was the only weekend in September that was not remotely autumnal. We had snow the whole way here and back!

Anyone who lives here in Boise will tell you – it truly is a place for everyone, whether you’re a hiker, homemaker or hipster, Boise is the place for you.  I am a total city girl, but Idaho is slowly starting to show in me. Camping, hiking and floating the river is as common here as going out for dinner on a Saturday night. I have started to get over my fear of uncontrolled water by rafting, floating and spending time at some of the lakes in the area.  Boise has been rated by several news sources as the top city to relocate in the US! (Click here to read my favorite article!)

I like to spend my time doing as much as I can here in the Treasure Valley. My hobbies include knitting, repurposing, volunteering, mcgyvering, exploring and being with my family.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me, and continue to read my adventures, stories, recipes and lifestyle articles.



P.s. I hope I didn’t scare you away with all of my alliteration!

A quick notice: Forgive me, it may take a while for everything to find it’s place. For the time being, please deal with me being a little disorganized. I promise it won’t last for too long!

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